The Ultimate Editing Suite

The gear to set up an editing suite built for a king/queen.
Hack Gear – Ultimate Editing Suite – Filters

Seenda Color Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard

Keyboards & Mice

Genuinely love this keyboard…I bought it cause it lit up with pretty colours but it’s so much more than that. It’s mega responsive, the keys have a good weight, are a good distance apart and it’s perfect for coding and editing.

HyperX QuadCast S

Audio & Microphones

Always wondered how YouTubers were getting that crisp, clear audio without the expensive equipment? This easy to use USB condenser mic has a built in pop filter and four polar patterns to make it super versatile. Plus you can do some pretty cool things with the colour. An absolute must have item this!

Boom Arm Stand

Boom Arms

Does what it says on the tin. There’s a tonne out there but this is the exact one I’ve got in my setup. Perfect to hold the HyperX Quadcast S or a Ulanzi light. Rock solid, easy to adjust & position and will fold away nicely when you’re not using it.

Razer Basilisk Mouse

Keyboards & Mice

Love this mouse! Extremely low latency, up to 70 hours of battery life and cutting-edge precision which ensures even the finest movements of your mouse are tracked (no more fiddling with that track pad). With 11 programmable buttons this one is epic for editing and coding. You can customize the lighting style fully too!

Huawei Mateview GT


This screen will speed up your productivity massively. The 34-inch ultra-wide 21:9 screen truly fills your vision and is great when laying out your editing screen or throwing up multiple apps side by side. The quality is insane and with the ultra-low latency and 165 Hz refresh rate you really do get a superbly crisp picture. There is an inbuild mic and speaker which are pretty darn good but admittedly I don’t really use them.

Phillips Hue Bridge

Automation Gadgets

Not much to say on this other than the Philips Hue Bridge is the heart and brain of the Hue system. You’ll need the bridge to allow you to control all of your Philips Hue products via the ‘Philips Hue’ app, even when you are away from home!

TP-Link Smart Light Strip

Automation Gadgets

Normal light strips are a thing of the past. This light strip is voice controllable, extendable and flexible. Cut and extended the strip to your desired length.

Philips Hue Play


Get a few of these if you’re gonna make a purchase. The Phillip Hue app lets you set different ambience modes so you can bring the night street lights of Tokyo indoors or an African sunset. You can even match a movie experience with them to include flashes during action-packed sequences. As with anything I have…voice controllable too!

Philips Hue Go 2.0


It’s the Hue Play but portable basically. Charge it up and place it anywhere! Works nicely as part of a complete lighting setup and…voice controllable too!

Loupedeck Live

Editing Gadgets

Loupedeck Live makes creating new content and managing live-streams faster and more intuitive and acts as a natural extension of your keyboard and mouse. Assign any tool or function to its customizable interface and launch your favorite applications with a simple push of a button. Get started quickly with ready-made profiles for streaming and content creation or easily organize your tools into custom workspaces, uniquely tailored to your personal workflow. For the Adobe Suite this is EPIC!

LaMetric Time


As far as gadgets go this one is well up there with one of the best at the moment. You’ll have seen in on most desk setups and it’s so powerful. Show sales data, social follows, incoming calls and sooo much more.

Amazon Echo Dot

Automation Gadgets

The powerhouse to the voice operations in the office. You can even change Alexa’s name to make you look even more like Iron Man.

Web Money

There’s no better time to act on your idea than right now. The game has changed…you don’t need a development team, ad agency and graphic designer! Anyone (yes, even you!) can create your own brand, website and marketing strategy to start making money today. There’s no catch… UNIT 1 is yours for FREE!

The Social Toolkit

Today’s business landscape has changed. You no longer need a 9-5 to generate 6 figures. Nailing your ‘personal brand’ is more important than ever and there’s no better time to act than right now. Given the right tools I believe anyone (yes, even you!) can do this! There’s no catch… UNIT 1 is yours for FREE!

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