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About Me

I guess broadly speaking I’m an Entrepreneur who’s become…what some would call…an Influencer. I’m a massive fan of communication & consumer behaviour and that’s really where my whole journey started. I simply wanted to help others learn all the little tricks I’ve learnt along the way without getting all the scars!

I’ve spent an offensive amount of time learning how to become an effective communicator and that’s made me some good dollars along the way. Whether you’re looking to grow your business or your social following, there’s no doubt I’ll be able to show you something you don’t know.

Why listen to me? Well…for starters…I’ve got the T-Shirt. Solely with my storytelling nous, big brain and non-grey outlook on my topics, I attracted a small army of followers on TikTok in a matter of weeks (90k to be precise!) AND yes, all without dancing around like a clown or jumping on some silly pointing trend (I know you were considering it!).

With over 1 million social engagements in a little over 6 months and £1,000s made from 1 of those videos alone…I know how to turn those super fans into those dollar bills you’re after too.

Whether you’re a growing creator, entrepreneur or just looking to make yourself or your company stand out, I sincerely believe short-form video is fast becoming the key to generating super fans that will trust and buy from you (people really do buy from people after all). So if you’re looking to stand out, get ahead of the rest and drive your business forward, I can show you the Ninja Storytelling Secrets I use daily… the ones to help you generate huge audiences that will trust and buy from you. It’s really not a scary process and I’ve got something for every budget

My goal? To help 1 million creators & businesses worldwide build the skills, processes & motivation required they need to succeed in the short-form video game. Generating huge audiences, realising untapped income and creating strong personal brands along the way.

I’m not a fan of sugar coating anything… other than a donut… so I certainly won’t give you any B.S. It will be hard work… but if you’ve got it in you… roll up your sleeves and let’s get smashing some of those goals.

My Businesses

the inside line

the inside line


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The Inside Line gives you direct access to yours truly, my 60 second trainings on a range of subjects as well as a quarterly group training session. You’ll also get access to exclusive content available to ‘Inside Line’ members only!

Web Money

There’s no better time to act on your idea than right now. The game has changed…you don’t need a development team, ad agency and graphic designer! Anyone (yes, even you!) can create your own brand, website and marketing strategy to start making money today. There’s no catch… UNIT 1 is yours for FREE!

The Social Toolkit

Today’s business landscape has changed. You no longer need a 9-5 to generate 6 figures. Nailing your ‘personal brand’ is more important than ever and there’s no better time to act than right now. Given the right tools I believe anyone (yes, even you!) can do this! There’s no catch… UNIT 1 is yours for FREE!

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